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Drug Trafficking in the Caribbean free essay sample

The paper discusses the drug problems of the people of the Caribbean and the drug trafficking that goes on there. It also deals with the dangers that drug trafficking causes to other countries and their people. This paper is about the drug trafficking problems of the Caribbean. The author examines the Caribbean region as a long standing area where illegal substances have been grown and sold. The people are poverty stricken and sell drugs as a means to make money. The author looks into the Caribbeans climate and location which make it an ideal place to grow and sell drugs. The people are able to transport drugs to other countries through the use of planes, boats, etc. The paper goes on to discuss how this poses as a threat to all countries because it makes drugs available which leads to drug problems for their citizens. From the paper: The Caribbean is known for its agriculturally equipped weather conditions, which makes for most islands to be very fertile. We will write a custom essay sample on Drug Trafficking in the Caribbean or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Many farmers in the Caribbean grow drugs as part of their produce to earn more money. They can then sell the illegal substances to islanders, tourists, and then ship the rest off to be sold to other countries citizens. This poses as a threat to the health of all people who are able to buy drugs as a result of drug trafficking in the Caribbean. It also poses a threat to governments because they have to use their funding on programs to educate citizens about the dangers of drugs as well as rehabilitate those citizens that are addicted to drugs and suffer from drug abuse.

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King Lear - Theme Of Blindness Essays - King Lear, British Films

King Lear - Theme of Blindness In Shakespearean terms, blinds means a whole different thing. Blindness can normally be defined as the inability of the eye to see, but according to Shakespeare, blindness is not a physical quality, but a mental flaw some people possess. Shakespeare's most dominant theme in his play King Lear is that of blindness. King Lear, Gloucester, and Albany are three prime examples Shakespeare incorporates this theme into. Each of these character's blindness was the primary cause of the bad decisions they made; decisions which all of them would eventually come to regret. The blindest bat of all was undoubtedly King Lear. Because of Lear's high position in society, he was supposed to be able to distinguish the good from the bad; unfortunately, his lack of sight prevented him to do so. Lear's first act of blindness came at the beginning of the play. First, he was easily deceived by his two eldest daughters' lies, then, he was unable to see the reality of Cordelia's true love for him, and as a result, banished her from his kingdom with the following words: ?..................................for we Have no such daughter, nor shall ever see That face of her again. Therefore be gone Without our grace, our love, our benison.? (Act I, Sc I, Ln 265-267) Lear's blindness also caused him to banish one of his loyal followers, Kent. Kent was able to see Cordelia's true love for her father, and tried to protect her from her blind father's irrationality. After Kent was banished, he created a disguise for himself and was eventually hired by Lear as a servant. Lear's inability to determine his servant's true identity proved once again how blind Lear actually was. As the play progressed, Lear's eyesight reached closer to 20/20 vision. He realized how wicked his two eldest daughters really were after they locked him out of the castle during a tremendous storm. More importantly, Lear saw through Cordelia's lack of flatterings and realized that her love for him was so great that she couldn't express it into words. Unfortunately, Lear's blindness ended up costing Cordelia her life and consequently the life of himself. Gloucester was another example of a character who suffered from an awful case of blindness. Gloucester's blindness denied him of the ability to see the goodness of Edgar and the evil of Edmund. Although Edgar was the good and loving son, Gloucester all but disowned him. He wanted to kill the son that would later save his life. Gloucester's blindness began when Edmund convinced him by the means of a forged letter that Edgar was plotting to kill him. Gloucester's lack of sight caused him to believe Edmund was the good son and prevented him from pondering the idea of Edmund being after his earldom. Near the end of the play, Gloucester finally regained his sight and realized that Edgar saved his life disguised as Poor Tom and loved him all along. He realized that Edmund planned to take over the earldom and that he was the evil son of the two. Gloucester's famous line: ?I stumbled when I saw? (Act IV, Sc I, Ln 20-21) was ironic. His inability to see the realities of his sons occurred when he had his physical sight but was mentally blind; but his ability to see the true nature of his sons occurred after having his eyes plucked out by the Duke of Cornwall. Fortunately, the consequences of Gloucester's blindness throughout the play was minimal, after all, he was the only one to die as a result of his tragic flaw. Albany was another character suffering from the classic case of blindness, but luckily for him, he survived his battle. Albany's case of blindness was purely a result of the love he had for Goneril. Although he disapproved of Goneril's actions, he would only mildly argue his case. When Goneril forced Lear to reduce his army so that he could stay in their castle, Albany protested: ? I cannot be so partial, Goneril, To the great love I bear You -? (Act I, Sc IV, Ln 309-310) Albany's deep devotion to Goneril blinded him from the evil she possessed. His inability to realize how greedy and mean Goneril was after she

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pirates of penzance essays

pirates of penzance essays The Act starts with the Pirates of Penzance celebrating the promotion of Frederic, a Pirate apprentice, to full pirate status. Unfortunately he was never supposed to become a Pirate, and feels duty-bound to return to a crimeless life at the end of his indentures. He vows to hunt down the pirates, as is his duty, but he is also obliged to inform the pirates where they are going wrong before he leaves the band. The main problem is that the Pirates are all orphans, and as such they always pity other orphans and let them go unmolested. They also never attack weaker, or smaller groups than them, this tends to mean that they are either driven off or the captive declares themselves orphans and is thus released. Despite Frederic's vow to hunt down his formerly beloved companions, the Pirate King is unrepentant declaring that it is "...better far to live and die, under the brave black flag I fly, than play a sanctimonious part...". The Pirates leave and Frederic is left with his childhood companion, Ruth. It is upon the arrival of the daughters of Major-General Stanley that he finds out that Ruth has been false and is not beautiful. He asks if any of the maidens will marry him and thus help him onto the straight and narrow; and one maiden named Mabel will. The Pirates return and capture the maidens. They intend to marry them all, but they are thwarted by the arrival of the Major General who lies and says he is an Orphan. This touches the hearts of the Pirates who release the maidens, and declare them all honorary Pirates. Frederic and Mabel are to be wed, the Pirates have released the daughters and everyone is relatively happy - except poor Ruth, who is spurned by Frederic for her deceit. In the chapel housing the tombs of his ancestors, General Stanley is seeking pardon for lying about the vitality of his parents. His daughters are trying to console him with little success, even Frederic's plan to march on the pirates that very n...

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decriminal lization of marijua essays

decriminal lization of marijua essays Marijuana is one of the most famous and wildly used drugs in the world. People from all walks of life use marijuana regardless of age, creed or color. Marijuana is seen by some as a very "bad" drug but by most people as a harmless weed that makes you fell good. If legalized marijuana has many uses in medical case's to ease the pain of chemo therapy in cancer patients and the symptoms of HIV victims. Also marijuana would be of great economical value to the US government, by applying tax to the substance, the profits from cultivation and freeing law enforcement funds from more Cannabis Sativa also know as Marijuana is derived from the buds of the Indian hemp plant. There are three known types of Cannabis; Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Rudderalis. Marijuana was first used in China in the 2nd century B.C., and was used in China as an anesthetic 5,000 years ago. The ancient Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, and East Indians used the drug to control muscle spasms, reduce pain, and to treat indigestion (history). Marijuana was also farmed in Jamestown Virginia by the settlers for its fibers which were used to make rope and sacks. The next time that America herd of Marijuana was in the early 1930's. It was brought back to light by Harry J. Anslinger, who was the commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. Anslinger was sited or saying that Marijuana was only used by Mexicans and Blacks and made them very violent criminals, and if parents did not wont their sons to murders and rapist they keep them away from the weed (Grass). At this point he lied to the government saying the effects of the drug had been researched and the subsequent information was true. In truth there was all the research that had been done and all statements were biased. This led him to rush the passing of the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. The Tax Act did not make the use or possession illegal as long...

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Article # 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Article # 2 - Essay Example According to New York Times article, Aetna will pay $27.30 in cash and 0.3885 of share for each of Coventry’s shares. This payment present around 20% premium paid over the latest closing share price. The announcement of the deal brought some reaction in the stock exchange with Aetna’s share going up by 5.6%, to $40.18 while shares in Coventry went up to close at $42.04. The realizable benefits include Coventry adding over 5 million members to Aetna’s plans, which include 4 million medical members and 1.5 million Medicare part D members. This transaction will ultimately increase Aetna’s Medicaid footprint. More opportunities would be created to facilitate participation in the expansion of Medicaid. Integrating Coventry into Aetna will enable Aetna expand its core insurance business especially the fast growing government health care programs. The acquisition comes with some goodies where Aetna will be able to expand its relationships with health care providers in local geographies. According to the article the deal is expected to close by the middle of next year. I think that Coventry should accept the offer from Aetna, because Coventry debt will be covered when the deal go through. Furthermore, consolidation among various players in the healthcare is time so as to provide health services to many

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Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return Assignment

Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return - Assignment Example Table 1 shows the cash inflow expected to be generated and the cash outflow expected to be incurred should the proposed expansion be undertaken. During the first year, the company will incur expenses to finance the purchase of the new plant and equipment costing 5,000,000. It is assumed that this amount will be a one time expense fully incurred during the first year. This report also recognized the need to recognize the investment in research and development already incurred by the company. The rationale behind this is to fully and adequately evaluate the profitability of the project. It should be noted that in order to come up with a proper valuation, the company should account for all the revenues and expenses generated by the project. Thus, it is inclusive of all the expenses incurred to bring the project in operation. Research and development cost of 900,000 should be accounted for because without it, the expansion will be impossible to pursue. During 2005, the amount of 1,800,000 to cover additional working capital expenses is also included in the cash outlay required. However, management also expects that after five years, this amount will be freed up and can be readily used by other projects. Thus, Table 1 also shows that during 2005, the company will be needing 1,800,000 while this amount will be available during 2010. In the case of the overhead costs, this report decided to use the 300,000 per annum as estimated by the project development team advisor. This is deemed appropriate as allocating 50% of the wages is just an estimate. It should also be noted that depreciation expense will not be included in the computation of the NPV because cash flow is not directly affected by the account. As taxes and inflation are excluded in the analysis, tax shield from depreciation will not be considered. The computation for NPV is shown in Table 2. Since the company is using 14% as the required rate of return for the expansion, the cash flows are discounted at the same rate. According to the computation in Table 2, the NPV of the expansion using 14% cost of capital is (403.47). Table 2. Discounted Cash Flow and NPV for Expansion (2005-2010, in thousand) 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Total Inflow/ (Outflow) (8500) 2,040 1,940 2,140 2,140 3,940 Present Value Factor (14%) 1.0000 0.8722 0.7695 0.6750 0.5921 0.5194 Present Value (8500) 1789.4 1492.8 1444.5 1267.0 2046.4 NET PRESE NT VALUE (403.47) Internal Rate of Return The internal rate of return is the cost of capital which equates the net present value of all cash flow to zero. The IRR can be computed by calculating the NPV at different interest rates. Utilizing this method, we come up with Figure 1 which shows that IRR is approximately 12%. Figure 1 . NPV at Different Cost of Capital Question 2. Prepare an informal report for the Board of

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The Feminist Sociological Perspective in Germinal Essay Example for Free

The Feminist Sociological Perspective in Germinal Essay The feminist analysis has made a major contribution to social theory, making sociologist aware of issues that were previously ignored. Many aspects of what were considered to be â€Å"private life,† associated with male/female relations in household, family, and other social relationships have been transformed. Many parts of society have experienced changes as a result of increased involvement of women in public life. In the 19th century, women were viewed differently than they are now, and those differences play a major part in the roles women played in the literature of their time. Germinal is a novel about the birth of political ideas and social movement in a society. In Zola’s Germinal, women fit into two different major categories. The maternal role of motherly conduct, and women striving for equality amongst the men, The maternal role is the most important role. The mothers in Germinal are very consistent people, and the constants in the society holding the people together. The most obvious mother role is that of La Maheude. She is a typical example of many of the traits of common maternal influence, and she gives the readers an idea into an average family of colliers in late nineteenth century France. â€Å"It wasnt something you thought about, a child just came along, naturally. And when it was grown, it brought in some money and generally kept things going. In their house for example, they could have managed if it werent for Grandpa, who was getting all stiff and for the fact that out of the whole bunch of them only her eldest daughter and two of her sons were yet old enough to work down the mine. (Page 94) When the children are young, it is the duty of the mother and her influence during such an easily influenced stage to shape hard-working and trust-worthy breadwinners. As a mother, La Maheude has this important job in providing for her family by creating new sources of income, and by shaping the next generation into society. Many women in Germinal are taken advantage of when it comes to the influence of their male counterparts. Catherine and Chaval for instance have a relationship where the male believes women are lower than them in status. This aggressive attitude is a clear understanding in the first sexual advances of Chaval to Catherine with his sexual advances. Though Catherine is young, and far from ready for a relationship she is forced into a very intense relationship with Chaval. Her inability to resist such advances from a male shows her true weakness in life. Though the women who work in the mines are supposed to be the representation of the strongest women in the story, in reality Zola has given them fallout in their inability to resist their superiors in the males. At La Mouquettes they were short of bread too: this was her dinner, and she had insisted on wrapping it in a cloth for him, kissing him passionately as she did so(Page 266). La Mouquette is a character that sleeps around for enjoyment instead of personal gain. When the colliers are at their worst, she even offers food to her present love interest in Etienne. This gives her a perspective that is unique, besides the history of her family as it differed from the miners. She adds emotion and charity to the novel. It may not always be recognized, but women have a very important role in society. In the novel Germinal, women are the caretakers of the house and they are the beat in the heart of all the children. They are inspirational women that inspire the children to become something in life. They are degraded in so many ways by the males in the novel; trading sex for food and abusive relationships. Many parts of society have experienced changes as a result of increased involvement of women in public life.